Crochet hooks are made from different materials such as aluminium, plastic and bamboo.

Aluminium hooks are smooth, strong and long-lasting, but they can feel cold and inflexible in your hands.

Plastic hooks are smooth and inexpensive, but they make squeaky noise when you are crocheting with acrylic yarn and also bend or break relatively easily.

Bamboo hooks are lightweight and flexible, but it’s prone to splintering or snapping specially in the small hook sizes used for amigurumi.

Ergonomic hooks typically have an aluminum hook end with a wider, rigid or soft, plastic handle that’s more comfortable to grip, but they are more expensive.

types of crochet hooks 2

There’s no one best choice for a crochet hook material, it all comes down to personal preference, and I recommend you to try a couple of them to see which one you prefer. Enjoy crocheting ♥

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