A crochet hook may seem like a very basic tool, but crochet hooks actually have five distinct parts with a specific function:


1- The TIP gets inserted into the stitches. A pointed tip can get into tight stitches more easily.

2- The THROAT catches the yarn.

3- The WORKING AREA holds your working loops and determinates your stitch size. The hook size you need is related to the thickness of yarn you choose, so the thicker the yarn is, the larger your crochet hook will be.

When you’re starting to crochet, it’s best to use a medium hook size (G/4mm) and a worsted weight yarn, so the hook is easy to hold and your stitches are large enough to see them clearly.

4- The GRIP helps you control and rotate the hook. If the grip of your hook is hard to hold comfortably, try an ergonomic crochet hook with softer and wider grip.

5-The HANDLE helps you balance the hook while you crochet.

Crochet hooks are inexpensive, so it’s worth trying out a couple different brands so you can choose which shape you like best.

Happy shopping!

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