If you are looking for an extra dose of calm and a restful self-care routine, a lavender eye pillow is a must!

A lavender eye pillow relax the muscles around the eyes and block out light, while the lavender flower scent is proven to be one of the most relaxing aromas around. It’s great for yoga, meditation or simply for resting over your eyes and enjoy…


You will need:

· 8″ x 8″ piece of cotton fabric.

· Rice.

· Dried lavender.

· Fabric rotary cutter or scissors, ruler, pins, matching thread and a sewing machine.


   1. Fold the fabric in half, with the printed sides facing in. Use pins to secure the fabric together.


   2. Use a sewing machine to stitch around two edges (one short and one long), with 1/4 inches seam allowance, leaving one end open.


   3. Turn the fabric right-side out. Use your fingers to make sure each corner is fully extended and press the seams.


   4. Fill the pouch with rice and lavender (about 10 dessert spoons of each).


   5. Fold the raw edge of the opening in and pin it to secure. Sew the opening of your eye pillow shut as close to the fold as you can.


   6. Done! Place your lavender eye pillow over your eyes, breath deeply and enjoy…


And for all crochet lovers, I designed this Cloud Eye Pillow to insert your lavender eye pillow into which can be removed and washed as needed!

cloud eye pillow 1

So grab your yarn and crochet hook and start crocheting some cloud eye pillows for yourself and your beloved ones, because everyone deserves to have the head in the clouds for some minutes each day…

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