Working into the front loop only of the stitch leaves the back loop unused and visible on your fabric. Crocheting into this back loops allows you to don’t have to attach some amigurumi parts and all turns easier and fun!

I use this technique very often for a decorative reason too.

Let’s see how it works:

   1. Make a slip knot and place it on your hook.


   2. Insert the hook into the back loop you want to start with.


   3. Make a single crochet.


   4. Continue crocheting every back loop that follows.


As you can see in this example, a pretty decorative border appears to separate the pants from the body of Merry, the Christmas Elf.

christmas elf amigurumi crochet pattern by Tremendu 1

And in the next photo, you can see that I used the same technique to make the boots of Berry, the Christmas Elf.

Do you want to try it? For sure you will love the results!

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