Fabric made inserting your hook under only the front loops using a single crochet stitch, creates a set of lines on the back side of the piece. This visible lines are the unused loops of the stitches you are working into.

In amigurumi, sometimes it can be useful to work into the front loops only of the stitches, and use the unworked loops as attachment points.

Want to see what it looks like?

   1. Look for the V’s across the top of the stitches.


   2. Insert the hook underneath the front loop of each V, and make a single crochet.


   3. Stitching into the front loop creates ridges on the back side of the piece.


The most important thing to remember is that the loops on the side of your work closest to you are the front loops, and the back loops are always the loops farthest from you.

Working into the front loop it’s super simple and useful!

Satu the planet and Mr Golden Sun are perfect for anyone who wants to practice this technique.

Are you ready to try it?


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