Where you put your crochet hook as you make your crochet stitches determinates the type of fabric you will make.

Fabric made inserting your hook under only the back loops using a single crochet stitch is transformed into a special kind of texture stitch and creates a set of lines on the right side of the piece. This visible lines are the unused loops of the stitches you are working into.

This will give extra texture to your work. Want to see what it looks like?

tutorial-how to working into the back loop 1

   1. Look for the V’s across the top of the stitches.


tutorial-how to working into the back loop 2

   2. Insert the hook underneath the back loop of each V, and make a single crochet.


tutorial-how to working into the back loop 3

   3. Continue with every stitch that follows.


Working through the back loop only on every row as shown here, creates a lighter fabric that is appropiate for some amigurumi garments. The fabric is thinner because the base of the stitch you are making is wrapped around only one strand of yarn (the back loop of the stitch you are working into).

Working into the back loop it’s super simple and the result looks really beautifull!

The dress of Mia the cute mouse and my sweet Red Riding Hood are made working into the back loop only.

Are you ready to try it? for sure you will love the result!


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