You are almost there! your crochet blanket is complete and now It’s time to make the finish touch to your blanket.

Blocking is a really great way to let the stitches relax and return to their natural state to look their best. Unblocked fabric will not properly accentuate all of your hard work, so I recommend not to skip this final step. Blocking your blanket is more important than you think!

On this quick and easy step by step tutorial I will teach you how to block a crochet blanket that is made using wool. Blankets made with 100% acrylic yarn don’t need to be blocked.

Let’s take a look:

   1. Use a floor mat where you can pin your fabric into place. Make sure you have a long enough surface to lay out your blanket flat, use your fingers to smooth out your blanket and gently shape the stitches until you are happy with the finished look. Take the points of your blanket and pin them out into place.


   2. Continue pinning the blanket all around into place. You have to take special care with all the points on your blanket to make sure all is nice and square.


   3. Use a spray bottle with water to give enough moisture into your crochet fabric. If you have tassels or pom poms on your blanket spray them with water too.


   4. Now that your fabric is correctly shaped and have enough moisture, let the fibers relax and dry.


   5. When the fabric is completely dry pull out the pins, and you can see  the result, a clean, dry and beautifully shaped fabric.


Now my Lacy Chevron Blanket has a truly lovely texture and you can see how incredible is draping, just looks lovely. Blocking is a bit like magic…


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