You can make a tassel crochet border on lots of your projects, like dresses, skirts, tops, bags, blankets, pillows… to use these ends as an opportunity to add more flair.

Add tassels is easier than you think! On this quick and easy step by step tutorial I will teach you how to attach tassels on a crochet fabric. Let’s take a look:

   1. To attach a tassel to a crocheted fabric you will need a tapestry needle.


   2. Thread the tapestry needle with one yarn tail end you left for sewing on top of your tassel.


   3. Insert the needle, from front to back of your fabric, through the point you want the tassel to be and draw the yarn all the way through, but do not pull it overly tight.


   4. Use the two yarn tail ends on top of your tassel to make a double knot to secure it.


   5. Weave in the two yarn tail ends into the back stitches of your fabric.


   6. Cut the excess yarn.


   7. And this is the result, a neat and beautiful crochet tassel edging!


I hope you will give it a try! you will be surprised on how tassels can transform an entire crochet project to make it extra special.

Take a look on my Lacy Chevron Blanket. I made a simple edging to tidy up the edges, and then I added tassels on each point of the ripple for a beautiful and eye catching detail.

I always wanted a blanket with tassels, and the combination of powder pink and light grey color gives me a lovin’ feeling as I curl up at home…


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