Hi! My name is Gemma and I run Tremendu.

Since I was little I was involved with crafts like crocheting, knitting, cross stitching and sewing. I love to make all kind of crafts with yarn and threads, and even now in my thirties , when I get into a yarn store I feel like a child in a candy store!

Tremendu started some years ago, thanks to my little boy Uriel, a magical suitcase and my beloved friends the Crochets. Let me explain it to you…

It was Christmas Eve at home with all the family. We were giving some presents to each other and what was my surprise when a beautiful suitcase full of yarn, a crochet hook and an amigurumi book came into my hands!

how it all begins1

A few days later, as every week, I was with my friends the Crochets in a cafe where we spread away all our crafts, chatted and laughed a bit while we took a drink. It was about time to open my amigurumi suitcase and learn more about crochet! Everyone of us started making our first amigurumi and we were so excited because it was easiest than we expect!

Something magic happened when I finished my first amigurumi. Not only because of the happiness to get it done, but for the face of my son Uriel when I gave it to him. That day I gave to my son a unique thing, done with my hands, just for him. Uriel knew it and his face became enlightened.

how it all begins2

Ever since, yarns don’t stopped to come in and out from my little suitcase to make all kind of amigurumis!

My yarns get transformed into unique things for my beloved ones. I want to share all this passion with you, and I will be so happy if you share yours.

Let’s join the DIY revolution together!



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