The Christmas magic is coming to bring you love, presents and joy! And the Christmas Elf lovey wishes for hugs and love from your little one.


Red and white clothes, pointy red hat, uncombed bangs, a smiley face… for sure this little Elf will melt everyone’s heart!

Even though the plastic eyes used in amigurumi are often called ‘safety eyes’, they’re not approved for use by children under 3. So, if you are making a toy for a little one this age, cut out felt eyes and sew them to the crochet fabric, or embroider the eyes with yarn.

I use the hair-colored yarn to embroider the elf eyes. The result is so pretty, and it is secure for your baby.

If you work on a baby amigurumi, cotton is the best choice. It is smooth, fluffy and soft. So important on a baby toy, because it tends to go in their little mouths.

The blanket is 15 inches in diameter, and have a beautiful Christmas star shape.

The pattern includes two photo tutorials with the step by step instructions on how to the hair to the head and how to attach the head to the blanket. So easy!


And if you are looking for a bigger Christmas present, what about our beloved Merry? He is the perfect Christmas decoration on a baby room!

They are the perfect duo to make a festivity handmade gift this Christmas!


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