These are the basic tools and materials you need to start making amigurumis:

basic tools and materials

1-YARN: There are many kind of yarns too choose from wool to cotton and acrylic, and no one is best for making amigurumis, the choice is yours. About the thickness of yarn I always recommend worsted weight yarn. It is thick enough to relax your eyes while still pleasant for your hands.

2-CROCHET HOOK: An aluminium hook is the best to work with. Choose one with an ergonomic handle for extra comfort grip. Use G (4mm) crochet hook to work with worsted weight yarn. Amigurumi needs to be crocheted in a smaller hook that recomends your label yarn so there are not little holes to see the stuffing.

3-LOCKING STITCH MARKERS: Amigurumis are crocheted in a continuous round so you need a stitch marker to know were the round begins.

4-TAPESTRY NEEDLE: You need a tapestry needle to weave in yarn ends and stitch amigurumi pieces together.

5-STUFF: Polyester fiberfill is the perfect stuffing for amigurumis. It’s fluffy, lightweight and washable.

6-SCISSORS: It’s important to have a good pair of pointed-end sharp scissors in your tool kit, so you can snip the yarn cleanly and accurately.

And that’s it! With just these few materials you are ready to start making your own adorable amigurumis!

Need a pattern? Take a look at my patterns and choose one with the perfect for beginners label.

Have fun choosing your own kit!

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