Improve your crochet projects like blankets, scarfs or shawls adding a beautiful fringe!

I know fringe can be scary for some people, so I’m going to show you how to tackle it so that will be easy and fast.


But first of all you may need to know that you can customize your fringe in several ways to obtain a totally different look on your crochet project:

· Yarn color: you can use the same color yarn as your project, a contrasting color, or even you can make your fringe with several diferent colors to add impact.

· Number of strands: you can add more or fewer strands of yarn in each knot. The more strands you use the more puffy fringe you will have.

· Space between knots: you can vary the space between knots along the edge of your work to make a more or less dense fringe.

· Fringe Length: you can make a short fringe for a cute little detail or you can make a long fringe to add more movement.


And now you have made your decision on how your fringe will look like, grab your yarn and crochet hook and enjoy the process.

   1. Wrap your yarn  loosely around a piece of cardboard, a book or a notebook  about 1 inch longer than the length of the desired fringe (in this example I use a 5 inches tall notebook and I wrap my yarn around it 7 times).


How to add fringe to your crochet project3

   2. Cut yarn, then cut all the strands of yarn at one edge. Each yarn strand created will now be the same length (in my example 7 strands of 10″ long each).


   3. Hold the strands together and fold them in half.


   4. With right side of your crochet project facing you, insert your crochet hook from back to front through the row edge you want to attach your fringe, and pull cut yarn ends evenly through loop.


How to add fringe to your crochet project7

   5. Enlarge your yarn until you can reach through the loop with your thumb and forefinger.


   6. Pull the yarn ends through the loop and pull to knot.


   7. Repeat steps 1 to 6 until there is fringe attached all the way along the edge of your work.


   8. Lay your crochet project flat and use your fingers to comb your fringe to assure it is straight.


   9. Place a cardboard or a ruler onto fringe, hold down with one hand. With the other hand trim the yarn ends to make even (I use a cutting ruler as a guide to make a 4″ fringe, but if you don’t have one, you can use a 4″ cardboard as a guide).


   10. Complete across your fringe.


And that’s it!

Upgrade your crochet projects adding fringe, like I did in my Ziggy Blanket. I know you will LOVE the results. And if you add fringe to a crocheted baby blanket you will give to the baby something fun to play with!

Ziggy blanket 4

I hope you find it helpful. Happy crocheting!

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